The Reaction


Deep River                                           H. T. Burleigh (1866 – 1849)

I Want Jesus to Walk with Me            Edward Boatner (1898 – 1981)

Witness                                                 Hall Johnson (1888 – 1970)


People Who Could Fly            Black Folktales                  Julius Lester


Song To The Dark Virgin                     Florence Price (1887 – 1953)

A Death Song       Howard Swanson (1907 – 1978)

Bedbug                                              Dolores White


And Still I Rise Maya                                                                

A Love Cycle                                    Marques L. A. Garrett (b. 1983)

            A Love Song                                                  

            O Del Mio Amato Ben

            Herz, mein Herz                                                                    


Citizen: An American Lyric (excerpt)                   Claudia Rankine


3 Lieder für Bariton und Klavier (Herman Hesse)  Op. 20        Robert Owens (1925 – 1970)

 Fremde Stadt

Eine Geige in den Gärten

Im Nebel



Between The World and Me (excerpt)                         Ta-Nehisi Coates


Nightfall                     Carlos O. Simon Jr. (b. 1984)

The Reaction                              Matthew Evan Taylor (b. 1983)


Last Will and Testament (excerpt)            Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune


Precious Lord                                  Thomas A. Dorsey (1899 – 1993)

Don’t Feel No-Ways Tired                            Curtis Burrell

                                 arr. Jacqueline B. Hairston

Oh, Happy Day      Edwin R. Hawkins (1943                                       

Dr. Carl DuPont, bass-baritone

Dr. Gregory Thompson, piano

Mr. Roderick Demmings, narrator


University of Maryland Baltimore County

Earl and Darielle Linehan Hall

Festival Baltimore

7:30 p.m.