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  • Art Song by Black Composers

  • Blackness in Opera

  • Scandinavia’s African American Gospel Music Tradition

  • The Magical Black Gospel Choir

  • Rightly Dividing the Word: The Difference Between Spirituals and Gospel Music

  • Teaching Young Male Voices

  • Beginning Repertoire for Bass and Baritone Voices

Lecture Recitals

  • The Origin and Development of the Negro Spiritual

  • Pioneering African American Teachers of Singing

  • French Art Song for Young Bass and Baritone Voices

Specialty Recitals

  • Art Songs by Black Composers for Bass and Baritone Voice

  • Baroque Bass Arias: The Sacred and the Profane

  • Power and Corruption: Arias and Musical Theatre Songs of Men, Gods, and Demons in Pursuit of Power

  • Liederabend: Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Richard Strauss, Robert Owens, Hugo Wolf

  • Ode to William Warfield


Art Song

Operatic Repertoire


Singing Solo and Choral Spirituals with Authenticity

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