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After serving as a central architect to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives at The Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins and The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I began receiving consistent requests from colleagues and organizations to help them improve their current offerings around these topics. Realizing that I had unique expertise, grounded in my scholarly research and lived experience, I became acutely aware of the gulf between the desire to create inclusive spaces and the knowledge of how to achieve them. I also became concerned about the discomfort some faculty members feel with broaching this topic where the stakes seem high, and the mistakes, personal.  So, I started DuPont Consulting.

DuPont Consulting seeks to empower students, faculty, and organizations with the skills and compassion necessary to restore a balanced understanding of music to higher education. Through an intersectional approach to music making and music makers, all aspects of tradition can be reimagined to be inclusive spaces that celebrate diversity and calibrate human dignity as central tenets. DuPont Consulting places special emphases on collaborating with existing talent, quantifiable measures of success, and tools for accountability. The goal is to balance curricular and programmatic offerings, enhance communication between musicians and their communities, and elevate.



Evaluations and Recommendations

  • Curriculum

  • Audition, Jury, & Recital Repertoire

  • Tenure and Promotion

  • Job Descriptions

Support For

  • BIAS Team Formation

  • Anti-Racism Task Force

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

  • Community Discussion

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Liaison For

  • Academic Guest Lectures

  • Solo & Ensemble Artists Guests Performances

  • Temporary Faculty/Administrative Positions

  • Faculty Advancement (Career/Grants)

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